A survey among people who identify as ethnic Roma or live in a situation similar to the situation of the Roma – assessment of housing needs

June - July, 2021

The current quantitative survey was conducted by the sociological agency Alpha Research in the period June 1 - July 21 and has been funded by the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program 2014-2020). It is a part of the "ScaleItUp" project, implemented in cooperation with Trust for Social Achievement Foundation, the Community Investment Fund Foundation - Peshtera, Peshtera Municipality and Dupnitsa Municipality.

The survey had two main objectives. First of all, it aimed at providing a complete, reliable and reliable picture of the specific characteristics of and the main challenges in front of the people who identify as Roma or live in a situation similar to the situation of the Roma. Secondly, it aimed at identifying the attitudes of these people towards their housing conditions and the planning and development of the neighborhoods they live in, as well as their readiness to take actions in the direction of legalizing their dwellings.

A number of events and facts characteristic of the social reality in Bulgaria have segregated the Roma minority in a way that led to the existence of over 100 unregulated settlements with a significant percentage of Roma population. For the purpose of ensuring the widest possible representation, a total of 3830 interviews were conducted under the survey with households in such settlements. The survey covered a total of 30 municipalities in 17 districts (according to the NUTS III classification). Thus, the results of the survey are representative of more than 50,000 Roma or people who live in a situation similar to the situation of the Roma.

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