Since its foundation in 1997, Alpha Research is one of the leading agencies for social and political research in Bulgaria. This most public part of our work has built the high company’s reputation that we strive to defend with each project. Among the most important areas of our activities are:

  • Electoral polls -  The experience from more than 250 specialized polls and its own innovative methodology enable Alpha Research to provide its clients with exhaustive research of the voters’ attitudes, political preferences and electoral behavior
  • Exit polls and estimations in the Elections Day
  • Weekly surveys with a panel of respondents for the for the "Referendum" broadcast on Bulgarian National Television 
  • Deliberative Poll ® Debates

Alpha Research has developed its expertise in market research alongside the development of market segments in Bulgaria. The Agency has established itself as a reliable partner for companies working in Bulgaria as well as for foreign partners. Some of the markets in which we have built the most extensive experience and we have the largest number of studies are:


  • Financial sector: banking and insurance
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public services 
  • FMCG
  • Tourist industry
  • Construction and constructions materials
  • Media

The team's expertise and experience has made Alpha Research preferred partner for:

  • Quantitative surveys (ad-hoc and tracking) 
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Segmentation research
  • Pre-testing and advertising campaign effectiveness
  • Pre-testing and effectiveness research of advertising campaigns 
  • Testing of concepts, products and advertisements in a studio and at the homes 
  • Mystery shopping 
  • Online surveys of high-status consumers 
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews