Alpha Research offers its customers a full range of quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as consultations which are best suited to each particular case.

The quantitative methods, based on statistical values and indicators enable to measure important characteristics of any particular policy or business: level of interest and awareness; customer satisfaction; degree of support and loyalty; evaluation of effectiveness or impact assessment, etc. They allow customers to outline trends, follow policies or communication campaigns, and predict future behavior or change direction.

Alpha Research is a proven leader in the development of extremely accurate samples for different target groups that guarantee the efficient use of quantitative methods.

Qualitative methods do not measure numerical values. They seek answers to "how" and "why" questions. Why people like some personalities, products, or commercials and dislike others? What motivates them to change long-term preferences and make new choices? What is the role of emotions, values, cultural models and pragmatic components in their choices?

Alpha Research does not provide standard answers and recommendations. Research helps our Clients to take the most appropriate solution for their specific case. Depending on the needs and objectives, quantitative and qualitative methods can be applied separately, or in a combination. Quantitative or Qualitative.