Research Solutions


► Political and electoral research

With its experience of more than 250 specialized electoral and political studies and its own innovative methodology, Alpha Research provides its clients with exhaustive research of the attitudes, political preferences and electoral behaviour of the voters. Depending on the specific needs and objectives we could provide data and conduct research in the following main fields:
  • Monitoring the attitude toward the work of the state institutions, the government and the ministers 
  • Image and support for political parties and leaders 
  • Electoral attitudes 
  • Impact of electoral and communication campaigns 
  • Socio-political voter profile and factors influencing the electoral choices 

► Communications, campaigns and advertising research

Designed as a combined approach of quantitative and qualitative research methods, the research for planning, preparation and monitoring of communication campaigns allow our clients to segment their target groups in order to identify the baseline dispositions and track the effect of their campaigns. Our research helps institutions, companies and organizations in their strategic planning and assists in informing and engaging the citizens in their initiatives. We offer:
  • Testing and refining of concepts and messages before the launching of a campaign 
  • Target group identification, segmentation and profiling 
  • Selection of the most effective communication channels and ways of engaging the target groups
  • Monitoring of communication campaigns – tracking the match between planned and reached target groups, scope of the audience, level of awareness, recognition and impact, influence on the attitudes and behaviour 
  • Assessment of the effectiveness – special index design and effectiveness assessment model 

► Content analysis

Initially used mainly in the communications sector, the content analysis is now applied in the analysis of a wide range of sources. It allows the synthesis and analysis of various materials in text, audio and video format. We offer content analysis including both quantitative and qualitative indicators.

► Policy evaluation and impact assessment  

In modern democratic societies the impact assessment of various policies is an important tool, providing a measure of the extent, to which the various stakeholders would accept or reject specific interventions, and informing the best governance decisions. In accordance with the implementation stage of local or national policies and the specific objectives they formulate, Alpha Research offers a flexible methodology for:
  • Testing of attitudes and consequences of planned policies 
  • Monitoring of active policies and opportunities for optimization 
  • Attitude of various stakeholders towards the implementation of specific policies – best practices and barriers to their implementation 
  • Sector analyses and policies 

► Public service research – satisfaction and improvement mechanisms 

With this research we help our clients to analyze the citizens’ awareness and opinions of the public services, level of satisfaction, the areas of criticism and the points of conflict. Our studies provide assistance to institutions and companies to optimize their budgets, communications and priorities in correspondence with the expectations and requirements of current and potential customers. We offer:
  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Testing of new services 
  • Attitude to changes in the terms of usage of a given service 
  • Price sensitivity index 
  • Planning of communications 

► Public opinion trends 

With its rich research experience and the accumulated databases Alpha Research is a leader on the Bulgarian market in following the public opinion trends on a number of salient social issues – public governance, local government, healthcare, education, crime and corruption, road safety, economic forecasts, business climate, mobility, migration, gender relationships, professional and career development. We offer:
  • Secondary customized analysis of our rich database of national, regional and targeted research 
  • Specialized research tailored to the client’s needs, combining quantitative and qualitative methods and invariably accompanied by the added value of our expertise of the trends in the respective area of interest. 

► Social Marketing 

In the contemporary world the social responsibility of governments, local authorities and companies is among the most significant factors of public support and trust. The growing sensitivity of the citizens to problems such as protection of the environment, corruption, sustainable development, safe working conditions, quality of life and of human relationships can rally thousands of people to a cause or alternatively give raise to serious social conflicts. 
Alpha Research is one of the first agencies in Bulgaria that adopted and developed its own methodology for corporate social responsibility research in its efforts to supporting the strategic planning in the public and private sectors. The team of Alpha Research is the only one in Bulgaria specialized in the conducting of public debates within the Deliberative Poll® method of Professor James Fishkin, director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University. This method has been established in the recent years as the intersection between research, policy formation and polling the informed public opinion. To institutions and organizations aiming to formulate successful socially responsible policies we offer: 
  • Design of a baseline questionnaire for taking a snapshot of the public opinion 
  • Development of briefing materials presenting alternative public policies 
  • Organization of the debate in small groups formed on the basis of a representative sample 
  • Follow-up survey to measure the effect of the debate and the stability of the formed opinions 
  • Specialized research for development, monitoring and tracking the effect of socially responsible policies of public and private entities