Qualitative Methods

Why do people like some personalities, products, or commercials and dislike others? What motivates them to change long-term preferences and make new choices? What is the role of emotion, values and the pragmatic components of their choices? How do brands reflect and construct social and cultural models?
You can get the answers to these questions with the help of the variety of qualitative methods offered by Alpha Research. Our team will advise you on selecting the most appropriate method you need to reach your target groups, understand “how” and “why” they think and act in certain ways. We do not offer standard recommendations. Our research assists the clients in choosing the most in-depth appropriate solution for their specific case.

► Focus groups

  • Suitable for thorough motivational research, cognitive tests, testing of concepts and communication campaign projects, image strategies and policy making 
  • A specialized team makes precise screening and recruitment of participants 
  • The discussions are organized in groups up to 10 participants 
  • Alpha Research has professional moderators for group discussions 
  • The Agency offers a specialized focus group facility with up-to-date technical recording equipment and a one-way mirror that allows the clients to observe the discussion live without interfering 
  • Simultaneous interpreting of the discussions is available upon request 

► In-depth interviews

  • Suitable for surveys of target groups that are difficult to access (business, financial sector, representatives of the elite, state institutions and international organizations, experts)
  • The interviews are conducted by Alpha Research’s professional interviewers  who have completed a special training program and are specialized in communication with a variety of social groups 
  • Audio recording of the interviews and opportunity for verbatim transcript and translation are provided