Professional experience

Since its establishment in 1997 Alpha Research has evolved as one of the leading agencies on the social and political research market in Bulgaria. This research quickly became the most public part of our activity. With each new project we aspire to defend our reputation. 
Among the core fields where we have proven and consolidated our expertise are:

► Electoral research

► Exit polls and estimations on Election Day 

► The Deliberative Poll ® methodology

The first for Bulgaria and conducted only by Alpha Research debates within the Deliberative Poll ® methodology:
  • The Public Opinion on Crime”, October 2002, debate of the Deliberative Poll® method
  • Public debate „Policies toward the Roma in Bulgaria”, April 2007, debate of the Deliberative Poll® method
  • Public debate „Citizens for Europe”, January 2007, debate on the Bulgarian vision of the future of Europe, part of the Pan-European dialogue “European Citizens’ Consultations” including national discussions in each of the 27 European Union member states.   

► Weekly public opinion polls for the “Referendum” debate platform of the Bulgarian National Television.

The polls are based on a panel of a national representative sample of 300 citizens. We conduct about 50 such polls on average annually. 

► Regular research of salient social, economic and political issues

Conducted together with the newspapers Kapital and Dnevnik in the period 1997-2009; research for numerous institutions and non-government organizations that have broad public response and were widely broadcast by the media; regular yearly editions of “The Public Opinion”. Based on all that we have built our rich archive of databases, publications, and political monitoring.

► Analyses

Analyses of the agency’s leading experts are published in all the major Bulgarian and foreign media and information agencies represented in Bulgaria.
We at Alpha Research believe that through our social and political research we have the opportunities to express the firm conviction of our team that the maximum publicity and information for the citizens is a necessary prerequisite for the independent research and the positive social change.