The Perception Analyzer Online is a software product for conducting sociological and market research on audience evaluation of multimedia content. The evaluation is done in real time, while the audience is watching/listening a live stream video. 

They evaluate the content through software adjusted to their Internet browser of PC or own smart device (a phone or a tablet). If the browser or smart device supports video signal transmission, the viewer can simultaneously watch the video and evaluate the content using his/her device.  
The system registers the evaluation of the audience at the exact same time as of the video emitted content.
Optionally, at the end of the study viewers can answer a questionnaire about the video they have just seen. 
When the survey is closed and the data is processed, the system allows repeating review of the results. The results can be reviewed and analyzed in detail in accordance with socio-demographic characteristics preferred by the customer.
The system offers an interactive review - a graph visualizing the estimation of the audience for each second of the video. 
 Here you can see a sample visualization of the results: