Research Solutions

Alpha Research offers the full range of research solutions consistent with the stages of the product’s life cycle. They will help you reach the right consumers, discover your specific positioning and extract the maximum of your product’s capacity. Using the best research solutions, established in the marketing research, we apply an individual approach to each case, aiming to increase our clients’ competitiveness. 

► Segmentation research 

Market segmentation is a process of focusing on subgroups of consumers depending on their common characteristics. A segmentation survey will help you establish the consumer groups that are important to you, their needs, attitudes and preferences. It helps you assess the market potential of your products and find the target groups among which it could be most successfully marketed. 

► Product Research 

Today’s successful businesses are those able to adapt to the changing market, consumer habits and preferences in the fastest and most effective way and come up with innovative products. 
In order to support you in this endeavour Alpha Research offers a number of research tools for the development and launching of new products. First, the psychological and projective techniques will guide you to the best choice of innovative solutions from the customer perspective. As a second step, we will identify the potentially successful new products by testing their concepts. In the final phase before the launching of the product on the market, the testing of its design, packaging and price will help you find the most appropriate promotion format. 

► Advertising research 

Advertising research is a special form of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising. They may focus on each one of the stages of your particular campaign or explore the general consumer perception of the advertising messages. 
Alpha Research offers you a variety of pre-testing of advertising concepts for printed, audio, TV or internet campaigns. The ad-effect research will help you understand what part of the target consumers your messages have reached, how they were interpreted and what was the effectiveness of the used communication channels used. 

► Brand research 

Brand positioning is a key factor for success in the development of any business. Alpha Research offers its clients the full range of research for tracking a brand’s development and its market performance: brand awareness, brand image, brand health, brand equity, market position, drivers of choice etc. 
The studies will help you find out why the consumers choose a particular brand, how loyal are they to it, how their preferences change, what your position is in the respective product category compared to your competitors and how you can make improvements.

► Customer satisfaction research 

In the long-term perspective the client satisfaction is the most important factor of preserving a stable position in a competitive market environment. We know how important the expectations and requirements of the clients, the good service and the timely response to emerging problems are in business. 
The customer satisfaction and loyalty studies allow you to monitor your clients’ assessment of products and design flexible strategies for meeting clients’ needs. They may measure the general perception of the brand or product (general satisfaction), or specific indicators (convenience, consumption habits, maintenance, satisfaction with the service, price-to-quality ratio, probability of follow-up purchase, recommendation to others etc).

► Mystery Shopping

The aspiration of modern companies to secure high standard, good quality and stability of their services forms the basis of the “mystery shopping” study. It makes an objective, anonymous and independent evaluation of the extent, to which the established client service system is implemented in practice. 
Alpha Research selects the best interviewer profile in accordance with the client’s activity. Well trained and communicative, the “mystery shoppers” impersonate real shoppers and go through the entire process of the service provision from beginning to end. The results of the mystery shopping study support the building of the most appropriate service model for each particular case and the identification of omissions, weaknesses and problems in order to undertake timely corrective action. 

► Desk research 

Launching of a new business, expansion in new regions or fields and investment decisions often necessitate detailed preliminary analysis of the economic and social situation, of competitive brands and products, price levels, consumption volumes etc. The success of the business enterprise very often depends on the quality of this preliminary analysis. 
Thanks to the accumulated experience and the high professional specialization of its team Alpha Research is able to provide its clients with one of the richest, most reliable and thorough secondary analyses, based on available databases and public sources of information. They allow you a comprehensive assessment of the conditions in which you will launch your business and help you take the right decisions.